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For Christmas I had purchased PudStar a very cute mermaid tail from a local co-op handmade shop. She wasn’t even particularly into mermaids but I rather adored the tail and was pretty sure I could make her adore it too. Find me a parent who hasn’t gently persuaded their child to like something that really they wanted! Or is that just me?

To ensure PudStar liked the tail, I borrowed ‘The Mermaid’s Tail’ from my library. The book was a massive hit and Dan had to read it for many weeks in a row.

Perfect…now she liked mermaids! Mission accomplished.

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When she opened her present with the tail she was beside herself and could barely talk to tell the cousins about the book. Her breathless synopsis went something like this:

“There is this book, about a little girl who has a tail JUST LIKE THIS ONE and she turns into a real mermaid, but really it’s a dream. It’s really great and I have wanted a mermaid tail for my WHOLE LIFE” (or at least after she read the book she did)

A Christmas beach holiday was the perfect place to wear the tail I can’t tell you how many people stopped to comment on her mermaid tail…one happy four year old mermaid.

All hail the power of a great book.

We enjoyed this book so much that I recently purchased this bind-up of five Aussie Nibbles books ‘My Best Book of Nibbles’. One of the stories is ‘The Mermaids Tail’ , and the others are some of my favourite Nibble books so I’m very happy with this bumper bind-up. Aussie Nibbles are perfect for introducing young readers to chapter books.

The mermaid love continued at the beach and she was pretty chuffed to win ‘Prettiest Sand Castle on the Beach’ in a local sand castle comp.

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  1. Raewyn Caisley on Feb 8, 2013 at 6:53 am

    Oh what a beautiful tail, and what a lovely mermaid too. X

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