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Looking for some books to spark an interest in environmental issues and activism in young readers? The new ‘Eco Rangers’ series does just that, and I have suggestions for some other similar reads! Perfect for at home recreational reading or classroom reading – with sustainability a Cross Curriculum Priority in the Australian Curriculum, books like this are perfect to slot into classroom study.

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Series Title: ‘Eco Rangers’
Author: Candice Lemon-Scott
Illustrator: Aska
Publisher: New Frontier
Age Range: 6+
Themes: wildlife; environment; activism; friendship; adventure; mystery

Friends Ebony and Jay, consider themselves eco rangers in their seaside community and are always keen to look at ways to live more sustainability and help their local wildlife. In the first book in the ‘Eco Rangers’ series, ‘Pelican in Peril’, Ebony and Jay rescue a frightened-looking pelican covered in fuel and take it to the local conservation centre where they help the vets in the cleaning and rehabilitation process. They also know that something pretty terrible must have happened. Why is the sea full of petrol? And where does it come from?

It is great to see a male/female tween friendship based on a shared sense of humour and adventure, as well as a deep love of the environment. Ebony and Jay have a fair amount of freedom as they cycle around town (loved this sense of freedom myself!) and sneak onto cruise ships but, as in all books where the young characters solve the problems, parents and caregivers need to remain somewhat removed from the action, lest it become yet another tale of kids not being able ‘old enough’ to be involved in environmental activism.

A mystery series with environmental themes and a splash of adventure, ‘Eco-Rangers’ will be enjoyed by both reluctant and keen readers from 6+, either as an independent read or bedtime reading with an adult who can expand upon and discuss some of the environmental themes the books raise. The three books in this series will see Ebony and Jay solving eco mysteries and meeting new animals species. Book 2 is out soon and is titled ‘Microbat Mayhem’.

If your young readers love the environmental themes is the ‘Eco-Rangers’ series, I’d highly recommend checking out these eco/animal titles which are a similar reading age:

‘Fish Kid and the Lizard Ninja’ by Kylie Howarth

Wombat Warriors’, ‘Turtle Trackers’, ‘Spud and Charli’, ‘Smooch and Rose’ and ‘Mister Cassowary’ by Samantha Wheeler

‘Bindi Wildlife Adventures’ by various authors (they are darned good!)

‘Ella Diaries #11: Going Green’ by Meredith Costain

‘Pippa’s Island’ by Belinda Murrell


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