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Review of ‘Octupus’s Garden’

Written by Ringo Starr and illustrated by Ben Cort

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Age Range: early childhood – lower primary – Beatles fans

Themes: music; underwater; adventure; Beatles; song; audio book; sea creatures

octopus-s-garden Ringo Starr has teamed up with award winning illustrator Ben Cort , of ‘Aliens Love Underpants’  fame, to introduce a new generation of readers and musicians to the joy of the Beatles famed  ‘Octopus’s Garden’. The book is a visual delight with gorgeous colours and lots of underwater action, as five children go on a magical journey through the Octopus’s garden

The CD accompanying it has a super cool intro by Ringo Starr, a new version of the song, a book reading and then the music for the song – which my Preppie children and I sang along loudly to (with air guitar) several times yesterday.  They so enjoyed the story and the illustrations that we had to have multiple readings and there is now a waiting list for the one copy of the book/CD we have in the library!

The song, from the 1969 Abbey Road album is one which is oft used in primary school classrooms and sung in homes across the world. The lyrics tell such a lovely story that it’s a wonder Ringo Starr didn’t get to this little project earlier! Really Ringo – what have you been doing?!

Grab this one for Beatles fans and their children.



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