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Review of ‘Baby Tawnies’

Fiona EastwoodPlease welcome to Children’s Books Daily, Fiona Eastwood. Fiona is a primary school teacher librarian at Coopers Plains State School. ‘Baby Tawnies’ is a delightful book for younger readers – it is currently one of PudStar’s favourites.




Review of ‘Baby Tawnies’

Written and illustrated by Judy Paulson

Publisher: Random House

Age Range: Early Childhood – Lower Primary

Themes:  facing fears, growing up, courage, new skills, siblings, family, role models, habitat, nests, nocturnal, birds, tawny frogmouths

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 A classic tale of spreading your wings, with an Australian twist.

As darkness falls, two tawny frogmouths fly into the forest to find food.

Far above the ground, Reggie and Lyla are left alone.

But the little tawnies don’t plan to stay in the nest . . .


 A thoroughly enjoyable and informative story from author- illustrator Judy Paulson about facing fears, growing up and embracing life.

Lyla and Reggie are tawny frogmouth fledglings (not owls says the information at the back). Mother brown and father grey leave them in the nest each night in search of tasty morsels for their babies. The bold Lyla takes the lead and gets out of the nest and stretches her wings. The reluctant Reggie is glued to the nest; then the branch by his fears.

This  charming twist to the boy-girl stereotype will intrigue young readers as will the lyrical language used. Judy Paulson raises the bar with her vocabulary – employing alliteration, simile and metaphor. The story flows in white font on a night blue background with the pictures enhancing every page. The detailed and delightful illustrations have been collaged from 3D felt images.

Highly recommended for early years for a library or bedtime read. Or if teachers want to be mean and keep the pictures a surprise, then a lesson on inferring could easily take shape.


Image credit here.

Teachers notes are here. They include photographs of Judy Paulson working in her art studio…something Pud found particularly excellent seeing as her project for the holidays is turning her cubbyhouse into an art studio!

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