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Review of ‘Chance of a Lifetime’

I’m going to be really honest – I’ve had these books on my ‘to read’ pile for some time now. I really like the idea and I was sure they would have wide appeal, but as I really don’t know a soccer ball from a football from a basketball, it seemed wrong to try and review them.  I few years back when, clearly, school had reached the bottom of the barrel with coaches, I was put on as  ‘coach’ for a soccer team (I think it was soccer?). Second game in and I was really trying to understand what was happening and the whistle was blowing and blowing and I was concentrating and concentrating – and then one of my students ran over and told me the whistle was being blown at me, because I was standing on the field and needed to get off. I’ve not been asked to coach since this time funnily enough.

So I’ve asked Francis to step in and review the first book in this new series for me as he is far more qualified than I am and is an all-round excellent young man. Thank you Francis!

Izzy Folau Books

My name is Francis Lentz and I am eight years old.  I am reviewing a book by David Harding and Izzy Folau.  The book is called “Chance of a Lifetime”.

Title: ‘Chance of a Lifetime’

Publisher: Penguin Random House

Age Range: 8-12 years

Themes: sport, rugby, self belief, setting goals.

Izzy Folau is a famous Rugby Union player.  He has played three different sports – AFL, Rugby Union and Rugby League.  I like him.

The book is about two kids called Sione and Daniel.  They got chosen for The Valley Rep Team.  Sione is a shy boy who is very good at rugby.  He plays on the wing.  Daniel is an over-confident boy and he plays half-back.  Daniel and Sione end up in the same rep team and their coach is Izzy Folau.

Daniel starts getting angry with Sione because he thinks Sione is not good for The Valley Rep team.  Sione feels anxious and worried.  Izzy Folau makes them learn how to be a team and how to be resilient.  They haven’t played a game yet and only verse each other.

Daniel starts to be nicer and he learns to be a team player.  The story ends in suspense as the team flies to play a team in an unknown destination.  Will they win?  Will Daniel and Sione be friends?

I can’t wait to read the next one!

From the Publisher: Israel Folau is a name that keeps coming up. He’s only 26 but Izzy is a phenomenon in the world of football. He has scored a try on debut for every professional team he has ever played for. And now the Waratahs fullback can add another feather to his hat (ahem, headgear): as co-author of a children’s book series, Izzy Folau! Wait – children’s books? The family-focussed player is passionate about inspiring kids. And from switching codes to moving states, Izzy remembers that some of the best life lessons are learnt in childhood, saying: ‘Each time I had to adapt, learn new things, and grow. It happens quickly when you’re doing it but looking back they were great experiences and life lessons.’ And the books, written with David Harding, are terrific.


All the books in this series can be seen below. To add them to your home, school or library collection click on covers or title links.

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