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Author: Belinda Murrell (see our interview with Belinda here)

Publisher: Random House Australia

Age Range: middle primary –  upper primary

Themes: family, friends, clubs, school, beach, island living, cafes, food, pets, dogs, small business.

PudStar has been reading the Pippa’s Island series from the moment they existed, and she’s loved them in the same way that I loved ‘The Famous Five’ and ‘Secret Seven’ when I was her age. Murrell’s series has a few similarities to the much-adored Blyton books, not the least of which is the Island setting and the secret club full of entrepreneurial young people. Unlike Blyton’s cast of characters, Murrell’s characters are an eclectic mix of tweens with diversity in family, ethnicity and personality. They are a more modern day and representative club, aptly named ‘The Sassy Sisters’ and with the motto ‘Be Brave! Be bold! And be full of happy spirit!’ The fifth book is the series is called ‘Puppy Pandemonium’ and I’m handing over now to PudStar to review it for us. Take it away Pud!

PudStar Dressed up as Pippa for Book Week 2017

Pippa’s Island themed hairbun!

‘Pippa’s Island’ is a story about friendship and chaos. In every story in the series there is a dilemma which Pippa and her friends must solve. Whether it’s moving to a new house, making friends or even finding a holiday job the Sassy Sisters are on the job. In ‘Puppy Pandemonium’, Pippa really wants this new swimsuit she saw at a store that was on sale, but she doesn’t have enough money and money is tight in her family. The Sassy Sisters get together to think of a plan­- Pippa can find a holiday job to earn the money. This quickly turns into a dog walking business called Pippa’s Perfect Pooch Pampering, but when there is puppies about you need to watch out.

Belinda Murrell’s writing is interesting and funny and when I am reading these books I don’t want them to finish because I love being in the world that Pippa lives in and the characters remind me of my own friends and the fun times and hard times that we have together. If the Sassy Sisters club was real, I’d be in it! I also like that every book has a recipe, so you can kind of be a part of the book. In this one there is a recipe for Cici’s Mini Raspberry Pavlovas.

I read the first book in the Pippa’s Island series when I was in Vanuatu. I waited until we went to Bali to read ‘Puppy Pandemonium’ because I wanted to read it in a tropical location again! Now when I read it again or I look at the cover I remember Bali – you can read about our holiday here. This makes it sound like I go on a lot of tropical holidays but I actually have just had these two. I always save the best books until the holidays so I can read them without being interrupted by school.

When I was at the book launch of ‘Puppy Pandemonium’ I was overwhelmed to find out that Belinda Murrell dedicated the book to me – that is the coolest and I didn’t know!  I didn’t know what to say to her because it is a huge deal to have a book dedicated to you and I can’t believe she did that for me. It might be because I dressed up as Pippa for Book Week last year – here. The dedication says, ‘For Ava, a sassy girl who is strong, smart, brave and…’just like Pippa’. Thank you sooooo much Belinda Murrell. I want to keep buying copies just to see my name at the front.

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No Book Was Harmed During my Pool Reading – PROMISE

My own puppy, ‘Harry’ reading ‘Puppy Pandemonium’ in Bali. Photo by ME (Pud)

I mean…REALLY. The book HAD to be read in Bali right?



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