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Review of ‘The Cherub’ SeriesCherub Series

I was so excited to get this review from Gabe – not only because Cherub is one of my favourite series of the past few years, but because Gabe (by his own admission- see below!) has never been a keen reader. He comes from a family of great adult readers and his mother and I have had many discussions over the years about books and boys, and about keeping reading momentum going, even when the going seems a little tough! Gabe is a fine example of someone who’s had the reading flick switched on (hopefully for life Gabe!) by a series he’s loved and is also proof that a loving sport and being a reader are not mutually exclusive hobbies – something I’ve sadly heard so many times over the years. Tis all about finding the right books for the right child at the right time.

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Series Titles: Cherub Book 1: The Recruit; Cherub Book 2: Class A; Cherub Book 3: Maximum Security; Cherub Book 4: The Killing; Cherub Book 5: Divine Madness; Cherub Book 6: Man Vs Beast;  Cherub Book 7: The Fall; Cherub Book 8: Mad Dogs; Cherub Book 9: The Sleepwalker; Cherub Book 10: The General; Cherub Book 11: Brigands M.C; Cherub Book 12: Shadow Wave.

Cherub Graphic Novel: The Recruit. For more on this graphic novel see here.cherub-the-recruit-graphic-novel

Author: Robert Muchamore

Publisher: Hachette

Themes: spies; terrorism; crime; action; adventure; children; thriller.

My name is Gabe.  I am 12 years old.  I have 2 brothers and 2 pugs and I love sport.  I’ve never been into books but when I started reading the Cherub series by Robert Muchamore, I was hooked straight away.  The books are action-packed right from the start.  I’m up to the fourth book (The Killing) and I read the first three in a week.Gabe

The main characters are James, his girlfriend, Kerry, and his best friend, Kyle.  You find out that James is 11 in the first book and his friends are around the same age.  They get older as the books go on.

The characters are members of a branch of the British Intelligence called Cherub.  The secret weapon of Cherub is that their agents are kids.  The criminal masterminds never see them coming.

The plot seems to work around them getting close to the criminal mastermind’s kids and forming a relationship with them.  They have lots of gadgets that they plant to get information and then they report it to the FBI, CIA or MI5.  There are lots of high speed chases on highways and shoot-outs.  Now and then, people die.  These books are not for little kids.

Lots of people in my year at school are into Cherub.  Lots of them are nearly finished the series and don’t want them to end.  Luckily, Robert Muchamore also writes other adventure series, like The Henderson Boys and Rock War.

Cherub is a great series that I think will appeal to boys over 11 who like action and good stories.  I think you should start reading these books.  You will be like me, pestering my mum to do a drive by to Indooroopilly to buy the next book.

Thank you. cherub 1cherub 2cherub 3cherub 4cherub 5cherub 6cherub 7cherub 8cherub 9cherub 10cherub 11cherub 12

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