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Review of ‘The Ranger’s Apprentice: Tournament at Gorlan’

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Young Reviewer, Joe, is back with us today and he is reviewing a the much-anticipated ‘Ranger’s Apprentice’ prequel. Without a doubt, ‘Rangers Apprentice’ has been one of the must enduring series of the past five years or so and if your young readers have not yet discovered them, the upcoming holidays are an excellent time to devour this series. Thank you so much Joe! You can read more review by Joe here and here. All child reviews can be seen here. 

Author: John Flanagan

Publisher: Penguin Random House

‘The Ranger’s Apprentice: Tournament at Gorlan’ is a prequel to the very popular Ranger’s Apprentice series. It is about Crowley as a young ranger who is trying to thwart the plans of the evil Lord Morgarath. He is accompanied by Halt, a gruff Hibernian, and picks up other rangers along the way.


I thought this book was really good. It keeps the same qualities of the other Ranger’s Apprentice books – adventure, good vocabulary, humour and a good story. I have often been disappointed by prequels, but this one really stood out. I really liked finding out more about Halt before he became a Ranger. You could start the series with this book, or you could read it after you’ve read all the others.

I thought this book was really interesting, and I would recommend it for good readers of 8+ and anyone who enjoys a good fantasy adventure would love this book.

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