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Title: Tomorrow Girl
Author: Vikki Conley
Illustrator: Penelope Pratley
Publisher: EK Books
Age Range: early childhood, lower primary.
Themes: mindfulness, anxiety, friendship, connection, curiosity, imagination, natural world.
Teachers’ Notes: from the EK Books website here.

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Mindfulness is very much something that the school I work at incorporates into the curriculum. As the teacher librarian, I collect resources on mindfulness and we regularly use library lessons to engage in ‘mindful reading’ which I talk about in Chapter Ten of my book ‘Raising Readers’ and in my Build a Book Club e-course.

I am always on the lookout for new titles on mindfulness and ‘Tomorrow Girl’ is a beautiful addition to my collection of early childhood books on this topic, my favourites include A Quiet Girl’, ‘Slow Down, World’ and ‘Slow Down’. My full review of ‘A Quiet Girl’ is here and my full list of books on mindfulness is here.

‘Tomorrow Girl’

Catch up with a girl called Tomorrow – you’d better be quick because she’s always in a hurry! But when Tomorrow meets worrywart Yesterday and trips over thoughtful Today, her whole world begins to slow down.

‘Tomorrow Girl’ is a quirky tale delivering a timely reminder about the importance of mindfulness and what can happen when we allow ourselves time to slow down amidst the modern-day rush.

You’ll catch up with the next day if you keep rushing

Tomorrow Girl written by Vikki Conley

I have read ‘Tomorrow Girl’ over and over in K-3 library lessons this last week and all classes have engaged with it so enthusiastically and I’ve started to watch for the ‘ah ha’ moment on their faces when they realise why the characters are named Tomorrow, Yesterday and Today.

Conley has created a gentle yet sophisticated text which perfectly explains the concept of mindfulness to an early childhood audience and Pratlety’s illustrations capture the essence of each of the characters. I myself, could be the character of Tomorrow, but I actively try to listen to my friends who are more like Today!

‘Tomorrow Girl’ is the perfect book to kickstart discussions about mindfulness and slowing down to appreciate the wonder around us. A truly magical (and mindful) find for my school and home library.

Check my mindfulness post here for other ideas.

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