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Review of the ‘Stuff Happens’ series

Publisher: Penguin Books Australia

Age Range: 7 years+

Themes: resilience; boys; school; friendships; families; emotional intelligence.

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Stuff happens sometimes.

Everyday stuff.

At school, at home, with sport, with mates.

There is debate, and will always be debate about books aimed squarely at boys and books aimed squarely at girls. I’m all for young people (and adults for that matter) reading widely and I cheer when I find titles which are truly gender neutral in both their marketing and in their plotline. However,  I have worked in a boys school, a girls school and a co-ed school – and I really do believe that sometimes boys want to read books written for them….and likewise with the girls.


I heard about the ‘Stuff Happens’ books before they were even published and I was so excited about their release…and with good reason. Penguin Books Australia has pulled in some of Australia’s finest male writers to pen a powerful series of books for our young men, with each writer taking on a different character in a school – thus far there is four…but there are several more due for release in 2015. Aimed at readers aged from 7 – 12, the titles in the ‘Stuff Happens’ series are engaging, funny, fast paced and slightly left of centre (in a great way!). But more importantly in my opinion, they deal with real issues for young boys…the emotional ‘stuff’, the friendship ‘stuff’, the family ‘stuff’…and they may just help young boys to navigate their way through some of ‘stuff’ with maturity, sensitivity and courage. If I had young boys – I would be cramming these into their Christmas stockings post-haste. 

If you want to hear more about the series there is a Radio National interview with Andrew Daddo and Tony Wilson here.

stuff happens

stuff happens2 stuff happens3 stuff happens4

Stuff Happens Series for Boys

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