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Nearly two years ago I put together a list of my favourite books for young readers just starting out on chapter books. Then a year ago I found more so I wrote another post and this year I’ve found even MORE early chapter books. So now we have:

Starting Out on Chapter Books List One

Starting Out on Chapter Books List Two

…and this post!

Have a click through all three of my list and see what titles would best suit your young reader.

All these books are ones I highly recommend for young children starting their independent reading journey. Most of these books are under $10 and I am happy to buy PudStar one of these books every week…she will read them over and over and I spend more on my coffee and salted chocolate brownies at Fundies on the days I work. Books are an investment.

My early chapter books lists come with this note from me:

Children do not transition from picture books to chapter books never to return. We live in an age of visuals; picture books teach visual literacy like no other teaching tool and every child should always have picture books on the go.

Take note dear readers…children should not leave picture books behind. Why would you want to anyway? They are works of art and the best way to encourage visual literacy.

Without further ado or carrying on about picture books…here are some of my new favourite early chapter books.

aussie nibbles

As I have with all these early chapter book posts, I’m going to mention the ‘Aussie Nibbles’ books…which are just fabulous. You can see some of the available range here. They are just fabulous.

the-winning-goal (1) the-new-teacher that-s-a-big-book-hey-jack-10-story-bind-up

The ‘Hey Jack’ books by Sally Rippin, give Billie B Browns best friend Jack his very own series. They are the perfect first chapter book.skateboard-stars prank-alert

Meet Thomas and Cooper. Identical twins. Master pranksters! The best thing about being twins is that you always have twice the fun (but get in double the trouble).

There are some new titles in the ‘Little Rockets’ series, which I have written about here. Mike is proud of his spikey hair. Small for his age, his spikes make him look taller and very grown up. To his horror, he discovers he has lice. The great hat parade is only two days away and he longs to win a prize for best hat. But how can he, when he can’t stop scratching long enough to make one? Teachers notes are here.benji-the-buccaneer

Benji is offered the chance of his dreams – to skip school and become a pirate for a day. But after battling sea monsters and searching for haunted buried treasure, he discovers that being a good pirate requires just as much learning as school. Teachers notes are here.ricky-ricotta-s-mighty-robot-vs-the-mutant-mosquitoes-from-mercury-book-2-ricky-ricotta-s-mighty-robot-vs-the-mecha-monkeys-from-mars

‘Ricky Ricotta’ is a series of comic book style chapter books written by  best-selling author Dav Pilkey (best known for his Captain Underpants books!). Ricky Ricotta has a problem: the bullies at school pick on him all the time. Until one day, he saves the life of a mighty robot. Together, Ricky and his Robot face the bullies, and save Squeakyville from a giant evil lizard monster. That’s what friends are for! There is heaps of online fun to be found here.moon-attack

Jake is sent to remedial space car driving school on the moon. Nothing could be more embarrassing. He soon uncovers a plot to blow up the moon and must summon his courage, and space car driving skills, to save everyone. There are very good teachers notes for this new series here.

Some other suggestions for young readers starting out on chapter books are below:

The ‘Toocool and Marcy’ series

The Mates: Great Australian Yarns series

Lulu Bell series

Starting Out on Chapter Books

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