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Review of the ‘Timmy Failure’ Series

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Review of the ‘Timmy Failure’ Series

I love to invite young readers I know and admire to submit reviews to Children’s Books Daily. Child reviews give authors and other young readers insight into a book which I as an adult reader may not have. Today we have Toby joining us, with his review of the latest ‘Timmy Failure’ book. I was so excited when I stumbled upon this series last year – it’s got everything going for it.  Stephen Pastis has created a series which is fast paced and laugh out loud funny, but with real depth to the storyline and well developed characters that young readers’ can genuinely relate to.  Author/illustrator Stephen Pastis will be in Australia soon for a National tour with Walker Books.  

Admission: once upon a time I turned up my nose at the ‘funny’ books and once students had read what I deemed ‘enough’ of them – I’d attempt (and usually fail) to move them on. Now that I am older and wiser and know the value of laughing in reading development – comedy all the way (though I still like a bit of depth to my comedy!). See more here. 

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My name is Toby and I am 11 years old. I like dogs, nature and of course books. I enjoy reading books because they are a fun way of learning and relaxing. As many people say ‘…nothing’s better then relaxing with a good book’ and I can well and truly relate to this. I also find it fun doing reviews for this site!

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Timmy Failure – We Meet Again

Book Review by Toby Larmar

Title: ‘Timmy Failure – We Meet Again’

Written and illustrated by Stephan Pastis

Publisher: Walker Books

Age range: 9 -13

Themes: exploring and mystery; comedy; family; school; new adventures.

Teacher’s notes:  A funny book suitable to read aloud in class for boys and girls. Teachers Notes are here and an activity kit is here. 

 Synopsis: A book that reminded me again of the series ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’. It is a very funny book about a kid called Timmy Failure who owns the detective agency,  ‘Failure Inc.’  Timmy’s car is his mum’s Roomba, a floor cleaning robot and his side kick is a polar bear called Total.

In the book Timmy returns to his old school where he is reunited with his friend, Rollo Tookus and his enemy, Corrina.

One day while at Rollo’s house he learns about the story of the scrum bolo Chihuahua, a child eating Chihuahua living at a camp called Camp Monkeychuck.

Own opinion: I found this book hysterical and a great read. I loved the way the author described the characters in the book and I also enjoyed the many references in the book to popular movies and other books. In my opinion this is a great book for comedy book lovers.

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  1. Gael - The Vinyl Edition on Feb 10, 2015 at 10:06 am

    Spooky. This addresses the exact issue I’ve been gnashing my teeth about for months. My 8 year old son and 9 year old daughter are very capable readers, but they insist on ploughing their way, multiple times, through the Wimpy Kid series, as well as the Treehouse series. Again and again and again. And it is definitely the humour they find appealing. Whilst I think they are both great series, and i have enjoyed reading them myself, my attempts to gain their long term interest in other authors have pretty much failed.
    Part of me is happy that at least they are reading outside of school hours, but part of me gets so frustrated at the lack of breadth in their choices.
    I will definitely buy these. Just to clarify, in Australia, are they only available to purchase online?
    Thanks so much for this timely post!

    • Megan Daley on Feb 10, 2015 at 10:29 am

      So funny! You are NOT alone!!!!! AT ALL. SO MANY PARENTS walk into my school library telling me that all their children will read is the Treehouse Books and Wimpy Kid. These are very clever. Also check out this little boys review of Weirdo, it’s just a few posts back, and read my post on David Walliams – which I’m sure you children will love also. Did you see my post on humour? I still think children need a balanced reading diet – but humour is what appeals! You can buy these at a local bookshop, but would have to order them. I purchase from Booktopia and Avid Reader or Riverbend Books in Brisbane – Booktopia because I can do it from home and it 100% Australian owned.

      • Gael - The Vinyl Edition on Feb 12, 2015 at 4:45 pm

        Thanks Megan.
        1. I’ve ordered ‘Mistakes Were Made’ on Booktopia, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they go with that.
        2. We already have David Walliams’ ‘Billionaire Boy’. I’ve actually been reading that one aloud to them, as I do with anything I think they will like but they don’t feel inclined to dip into themselves. We’re only a third of the way through so far.
        3. The Weirdo books look good, so next time I order I’ll grab one of those.
        4. I hadn’t read any of your blog until the other day when I commented (I had followed a retweeted link from Allison Tait to get here that day) but I’ve signed up for emails from you and followed you on twitter so I’ll be back regularly. What an enjoyable and helpful site this is to visit!
        5. I agree with you about preferring a balanced literary diet, but I do concede that humour, for kids especially, is the most appealing genre. I really want to keep slowly pushing them to expand their reading horizons because at their age they will soon be expected to read a great deal outside of their comfort zone in other subjects. My kids are capable – they are both 2 years ahead of the ‘expected’ level for their year levels – but without being a pushy parent, I really think I need to keep chipping away at this issue.
        6. Thanks for taking the time to make such helpful recommendations in your reply the other day.

        • Megan Daley on Feb 12, 2015 at 10:48 pm

          SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pleased to hear all this!

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