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Ahhhhh the beginning reader! I consider it a joy and a privilege as a teacher librarian to see so many children start start their independent reading journey. When letters turn into words, and then into sentences, paragraphs and prose for young people, a whole new world is opened up to them. Beginning readers are desperate to start on their chapter book journey, and the skill of reading a longer book is something wonderful to master, but let us never leave picture books behind, okay? Back in our day :), picture books were fairly basic affairs – sentences, with pictures that illustrated the sentences; simple. These days however, picture books are complex, multi-layered works of art. There are picture books for all ages – birth to adulthood and every age in between, and they are vital in the life of young people. Our young people are surrounded by visuals and yet we do not teach visual literarcy to the extent which we perhaps should. Picture books are the best way I know to teach visual literacy – the reading and interpreting of images.   The books below are suitable for newly independent readers and older, or younger when read on the laps of a loved adult. If you want to see two brilliant examples of visual literacy in action, take a look at ‘Secret Agent Derek Danger Dale’ and ‘Samurai Vs Ninja’ as seen below. #backboy has particularly loved ‘Samurai Vs Ninja’  – laughed out loud and enjoyed telling PudStar that he is a a ninja in real life. And then there is ‘Lucky’…where to start with this one? This is a perfect example of a picture book – there is not a thing wrong with this book, not a thing; it is perfect in every.single.way.

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These ‘Top Ten’ lists are my way of making myself really reflect on what I’ve read this year but It’s incredibly hard to narrow down my lists to just ten and I know I’ve left so many wonderful titles off these lists! What would you add in?

Top Ten Beginning Reader Books for 2015

My Top Ten Beginning Reader Books for 2015

To add these books to your home, school or library collection click on title links. 

‘Our Australian Girl’ and ‘Do You Dare’ series, various authors. Penguin Books. Full review of ‘Our Australian Girl’ series is here.

The ‘Meet’ series, various authors/illustrators. Random House Australia. There are now seven books in this fabulous narrative non-fiction series and they are all wonderful, and wonderful as coffee table books :).

The ‘Nature Storybooks’ series, various authors/illustrators. Walker Books. For a review of one title in this series see here.

‘Secret Agent Derek ‘Danger’ Dale’ series by M.G. Bauer and Joe Bauer. Author interview here.

‘Juliet Nearly a Vet’ latest one and series in general by Rebecca Johnson. Review and author interview here.

‘Weirdo‘ series by Anh Do. Full review here.

‘Violet Mackerel’ series by Anna Branford and Sarah Davis. Full review here.

‘Samurai Vs Ninja’ series by Nick Falk and Tony Flowers. Full ninja party highlights here. At the moment you can buy all four books for $33 on Booktopia here. Seriously. Just do it.

‘Lucky’ by David Mackintosh. Full review and gush here.

‘KooKoo Kookaburra’ by Gregg Dreise Ninja Cupcakes

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    Hi Megan — I am thrilled to have found your website! Well done! These recommendations in particular are quite helpful, as I have a soon-to-be reader who adores books. Many of these titles are new to us and we’re so excited to read them! Happy New Year!

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