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Land of the Dinosaurs!

PudStar has never really been enamored with the sandpit. We spent SO LONG building the thing and struggling with barrow after barrow of sand up our hill (think 90 degree angle) and she’s just never really been interested. Loves the garden, but the sand from the sandpit is usually used for sand cakes or I use it for potting succulents…so it’s now half empty.

But recently PudStar has been keen on dinosaurs, and the sandpit is finally getting a workout. PudStar chose several dinosaur books from the library and has been pouring over them and spouting facts. Most of the facts are made up by her, and if you’ve ever met Pud you’ll know she is ALWAYS right, even when she is clearly wrong. Our favourite dinosaur books are here.

I’d seen some cool things on Pinterest involving hiding dinosaur ‘bones’ in your sandpit for kids to find, but that was way too much effort. Sunday afternoon I wanted the girls outside so I could attempt to vacuum and have a clean floor for at least ten minutes; so I put them, the box of plastic dinosaurs and three buckets of water in the sandpit.  A good hour later I was called to visit ‘Land of the Dinosaurs’. Poor ChickPea was obviously ruining (and eating) most of PudStar’s work so she had been dumped outside the sandpit with one bucket of water and a cup of blueberries.

Clearly one of the facts that PudStar learnt while reading the non fiction books was that dinosaurs drink tea and eat macadamia nuts. 

Dinosaur Tea Party

Apparently dinosaurs also lay eggs. This is exactly how I found this scene.

She had gathered several of my succulents and pots and used one for a garage. Again, bet you didn’t know dinosaurs needed a garage. Unfortunately the ‘cobwebs’ for the garage were pulled off my carefully arranged succulent pot but I’ve given her use of the ‘cobwebs’ for a week.

ChickPea was briefly allowed back in and put to work scaring the chickens away.

I can see we’re going to have to actually read the non fiction books so she can get some actual facts.

Two weeks on and PudStar is still playing most afternoons in her dinosaur land. I can’t say it looks as lovely as in the photos anymore but she likes it!

 Our favourite Dinosaur Books are here.

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