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Through Coronavirus

Connecting online through books...

In such extraordinary times, families, schools and library teams are looking for ways to adapt to

our ‘new normal’.
Many young people are diving deep into books at the moment –

because the world has slowed down enough to allow more time to read and because books offer an escape into a better or alternate place*.

New Normal

through Coronavirus

is a short guide to help you capitalize on, and nurture, the increased reading and help your children or students connect with their peers over stories and words!

*Unless you’re reading a dystopian novel about a virus taking over the world – in which case shelve that book for another time okay?! No one needs to be terrified by a dystopian novel just now!


Book Clubs?

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Book clubs help to form strong literary relationships with like-minded peers, readers and with actual books.

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Being a member of a book club ensures reading is a priority.

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Book clubs build literary knowledge and skills.

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Reading alongside young people can be the perfect way to kickstart tricky discussions.

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Book clubs reads grow as your child or student grows and your relationship changes.

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Book clubs help to create memories and positive reading experiences which will be long remembered.

Back to school

Many states of Australia and schools internationally will now be back at school,

but large gatherings and meetings will be restricted for some time to come,

particularly those that involve adult family members. None of the book clubs I run are happening in physical form right now and this will most likely be the case for the remainder of this school year.

It may also be the case you that you have family spread all over the wold and you may be looking for a way to connect with them online. It can be hard to keep connection in an online environment but it is possible.

I have been trying to work out the best way to convert these to virtual book clubs without them becoming yet another online meeting. The online meetup options have worked really well for a time, but screen fatigue and screen time in general is a real concern.

‘Bookclubbing Through Coronavirus’ is a quick start guide to launching or maintaining an online book club for children and their peers, at school or with extended family.


Over three quick modules you’ll learn all the basics to get started and be introduced to some excellent books for young people from Year Three – Year Twelve.

‘Build a Bookclub’ is Megan Daley’s full six week course about book clubs and will be on offer again soon, but for now,

‘Bookclubbing Through Coronavirus’ is what you need.