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Call for Submissions

In 2023, Affirm Press will publish an anthology about teachers and their capacity to shape the lives of those they educate. The power of an exceptional teacher cannot be underestimated. Sometimes it is not about what they taught you, but how they made you feel as a person. This will be an anthology of stories which showcases educators who nurture, inspire, champion and create change – in one student or in a community.

The collection will be edited by award-winning teacher-librarian Megan Daley.  Megan is a bestselling author, creator of the popular website Children’s Books Daily, curator of Brisbane Writers’ Festival Word Play program and co-host of the Your Kid’s Next Read podcast.

We are looking for non-fiction, personal experience pieces that explore the impact teachers can have on the life of a student, from early childhood years through to adult education.

Submissions should be authentic accounts of lived experience and may focus on the darkness or the light of an educational journey. Submissions can be in any manner, tone or style and we are particularly looking for fresh voices that defy the usual stereotypes and provide insight into what makes an exceptional teacher.

Written work should be chapter-length stories of around 2500 – 3500 words, and must be received by 5pm on Friday 13th Janurary 2023 to

Late entries cannot be accepted.

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Submissions will be accepted from established writers and creators, as well as from those who are previously unpublished. We want stories that will stir the soul and Affirm Press have a team of editors who can help craft the final piece.

Submissions will be accepted as Word or audio files to

Contributors to the anthology will be paid for original or previously published works.

Accepted pieces will be edited by Megan Daley and the team at Affirm Press, in consultation with each author.

All submissions will be acknowledged by return email and a response letting you know if your piece is accepted or not can be expected by Friday 3rd February 2023.

Further enquiries should be directed to

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