Gifts That Give Life, Hope and Opportunity…

By Megan Daley | Nov 28, 2016
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…gifts that meet needs not wants. Gifts that tread lightly on the earth. TEAR Australia was established in 1971, and I first came across them in the late 90s. If you’ve been…


Books for Insight, Strategies, Advice on ASD

By Megan Daley | Sep 26, 2016
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I have done a few blog posts now, and spoken on 612ABC, about books which focus on the Autism Spectrum. However I am no expert in this area and a firm believer…


Book People: Benjamin Law

By Megan Daley | Sep 24, 2016
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Benjamin Law is a Sydney-based TV screenwriter, journalist and newspaper columnist, who has PhD in creative writing and cultural studies. That’s the official spiel from his website but I’m pretty sure that my intro is better;…


Books About ASD

By Megan Daley | Nov 11, 2015
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Someone asked yesterday on Facebook if I had any books to help explain autism to a high functioning ASD pre-teen. Well yes indeed I do! I’ve actually been asked this question a…


Diversity in Children’s Literature

By Megan Daley | Aug 4, 2015
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Diversity in Children’s Literature Dictionary definitions of diversity look something like: di•ver•si•ty n., pl. -ties. the state or fact of being diverse; difference; unlikeness. variety; multiformity. a point of difference. having or including people from different ethnicities and social backgrounds. I spend a lot of time looking for children’s and YA books which showcase…