Extending Readers

Picture Book Perfection: How to get the Most From a Shared Reading

By Megan Daley | Jun 6, 2019
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High quality contemporary picture books are works of art and the best way I know to teach visual literacy and dive deeply into critical thinking and discussion with both the very young,…


Summer School Music Program

By Megan Daley | Oct 2, 2018
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This is not a sponsored post and I have absolutely no affiliation with this organisation apart from thinking they are most excellent indeed.  This coming January will be Pud’s fourth year of…


Kid’s Online Writing Course

By Megan Daley | Sep 20, 2018
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I’m regularly asked by parents where their creative kids can access writing or illustrating courses and while I know of a few locally, I’ve not yet found one online that I would…


5 Reasons to Attend Book Launches

By Megan Daley | Apr 23, 2013
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5 Reasons to Attend Book Launches We were incredibly fortunate to be invited to attend the launch of Narelle Oliver’s latest book, ‘Don’t Let a Spoonbill in the Kitchen’. My review of the…


Creating a Print Rich Environment

By Megan Daley | Nov 2, 2012
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Creating a Print Rich Environment As you may have guessed – we have a home filled with books. But I also try to create a print rich environment in other ways. A…


Reading Activities: Book Lucky Dip

By Megan Daley | Aug 14, 2012
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Book Lucky Dip

Most of us understand the value of reading to our children on a daily basis, and it can become the loveliest time in a busy day. A chance for some down time…