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Picture Book Perfection: How to get the Most From a Shared Reading

By Megan Daley | Jun 6, 2019
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High quality contemporary picture books are works of art and the best way I know to teach visual literacy and dive deeply into critical thinking and discussion with both the very young,…


Books for Insight, Strategies, Advice on ASD

By Megan Daley | Sep 26, 2016
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I have done a few blog posts now, and spoken on 612ABC, about books which focus on the Autism Spectrum. However I am no expert in this area and a firm believer…


Literature Supporting Makerspaces

By Megan Daley | Jul 20, 2016
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I’ve just presented another Webinar for the fab Eduwebinar team – this time on texts which support the makerspace movement. Some notes from this evening’s webinar are below for attendees, and anyone…


Literature Supporting Coding and the Makerspace Movement

By Megan Daley | Jan 27, 2016
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My teacher partner, Jackie Child AKA #bestteachingpartnerever is the most insanely energetic, enthusiastic and talented maker, creator and educator that you could ever hope to meet. I am in complete and total…


Book Week 2015: Books Light Up Our World

By Megan Daley | Jul 15, 2015

Book Week 2015: Books Light Up Our World How darned great is this year’s Book Week theme?! Jackie, Best Teaching Partner Ever (BTPE) and makerspace aficionado, is rather excited about the electronic…



By Megan Daley | Jun 2, 2015
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Libraryspace + Techspace + Makerspace I’ve been so looking forward to Eductech and it has not disappointed! Tomorrow at the conference, Jackie Child and I are talking the makerspace which we’ve created…


School Libraries and the Makerspace Movement

By Megan Daley | Oct 19, 2014
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School Libraries and the Makerspace Movement So today ‘Best Teaching Partner Ever’ (Jackie Child) and myself are talking at the ‘Future Libraries’ conference about what we do in our Junior School Library.…