Picture Book Perfection: How to get the Most From a Shared Reading

By Megan Daley | Jun 6, 2019
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High quality contemporary picture books are works of art and the best way I know to teach visual literacy and dive deeply into critical thinking and discussion with both the very young,…


Engaging and Encouraging Reluctant Readers – Guest Post for ‘Planning with Kids’

By Megan Daley | May 19, 2019
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I have been reading Planning With Kids for a very long time now, since I had PudStar in 2008. Nicole Avery’s incredibly successful blog and website has always been one of my…


Raising a Reader

By Megan Daley | Nov 29, 2014
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Raising a Reader A LOVE of reading, that most important factor in becoming a lifelong reader, begins at home with powerful children’s books and a house full of words. Award winning author…


School Holiday Activity Books

By Megan Daley | Jun 14, 2013

School Holiday Activity Books School holidays are just around the corner.I don’t know about your children, but PudStar is exhausted and cranky by this time of the term and although she would never…


Preparing Children for a Dental Visit

By Megan Daley | Feb 25, 2013
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Preparing Children for a Dental Visit I really should have written this post BEFORE I took PudStar to the dentist. The dentist and I felt somewhat traumatised after the examination…and unfortunately for the dentist…


Creating a Print Rich Environment

By Megan Daley | Nov 2, 2012
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Creating a Print Rich Environment As you may have guessed – we have a home filled with books. But I also try to create a print rich environment in other ways. A…


Inscribing Children’s Book Gifts

By Megan Daley | Aug 19, 2012
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puffling 2

Click on title links to purchase. The first gift that was given to me when I had PudStar eight years ago was ‘Puffling‘. It was given to me by the wonderfully talented…


Reading Activities: Book Lucky Dip

By Megan Daley | Aug 14, 2012
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Book Lucky Dip

Most of us understand the value of reading to our children on a daily basis, and it can become the loveliest time in a busy day. A chance for some down time…