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Children’s Desks: Space to Write, Create, Read and Wonder

I wrote way back when about our playroom (see here) and how we used it as a space for a one and three year old. A few years on and one is in her second year at school and the other is itching to be in school.

Time at home is still about creating and reading and imagining and wondering…but it has become abundantly clear that desks and spaces to write and draw and create are needed. So the playroom has had a makeover and a tidy and re-label (oh how I like to label – such a librarian).


Whilst I love the idea of a shared creative space…you’ve not met The Wild Thing. We don’t take her out in public much, and whilst she adores her big sister she also likes to whack her and use coloured pencils as dinosaur play props. Poor PudStar. I often hear her saying ‘But ChickPea I just love you, why are you hitting me’. We’re sure she will be a lovely teen.


PudStar and I made a trip to Typo for storage and cool factor, we collected paper and pens from all over the house and organised to our hearts content. The Wild Thing loves her desk as well…it has dinosaur stamps, dinosaur paper and crayons. The crayons have ended up on the walls and PudStars glue was used to stick toilet paper to the wall of the cupboard. Did I mention that we have high hopes of her being a great teen?

Most afternoons are now are spent in this space and as the sun goes down the room fills with a very nice orange glow.

Feather Bunting



Tyson (on his Prozac still) sits anxiously watching and waiting for action. Love him to bits…but calm down buddy!


Ruby Olive Megan Pink Jacket and Who Am I Book

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  1. Samantha Turnbull on Nov 3, 2014 at 10:41 am

    Oh wow, I have serious play room envy. I live in a tiny house with no space for a designated play room. Yours is beautiful!

    • Megan Daley on Nov 3, 2014 at 11:48 am

      Thanks Sam! This made me giggle- if you saw my house the envy would dissipate and you’d feel much better!! Our house is mega tiny too…we tacked an extra room on and squashed things into spaces to make a playroom space! But yes we love it!

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