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Cinderella: The Movie. The Books.

Cinderella is without a doubt going to be the biggest children’s movie of the 2015 Easter holidays. Directed by Kenneth Branagh, from a screenplay written by Chris Weitz for Walt Disney Pictures, the film stars Lily James as Ella (Cinderella), Cate Blanchett as Lady Tremaine (the Wicked Stepmother and Helena Bonham Carter as The Fairy Godmother.

Cinderella Glass Slipper

We went and saw it last night with our neighbours and it was just gorgeous and right now I want nothing more than some glitter eyeshadow and diamantés for my hair – bedazzled hair if you will.

The message of ‘Have Courage, Be Kind’ was beautiful…and no doubt there will be five million typographers now producing this message as a poster and I will be joining in on this and purchasing one for the girls room. Cause some trends are worth being in on.

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Cinderella. Following up the movie with the classic tale and some fresh originals

I was however, terribly disappointed by the size of Cinderella’s waistline. My glory that poor actress could have had a prolapse! Such a shame that Hollywood always chooses the tried and truth path of thin equalling beauty. Actress Lily James is so incredibly naturally beautiful and whilst I understand that it was in keeping with the time period and corsets were the go…that waist was whittled to nothing and the camera just focussed on it.

Anyway – suspend reality, enjoy and talk to your little people about corsets and how they were not healthy and how strong Ella is in the movie as she rides bareback on the horse and how beautifully she speaks French. And then go and read them ‘Anti-Princess Club’ cause the message of ‘we don’t need saving’ needs to be shouted from the rooftops along with ‘Have Courage, Be Kind’. Little people love a bit of princess, hell…I do too…just nice to balance with messages of strong women and girls!

My own memories of this movie are the classic Disney animation of Cinderella and late last year, Random House released a range of ‘Disney Vintage Classic’ books which had me extremely nostalgic. The Cinderella one is below and is so worth having…even just as home décor (shallow much?).


My other favourite Cinderella books are below, and below these are the new movie tie-in books, which PudStar is EXTREMELY excited about spending her pocket money on. Praise the Lord she’s chosen something other than Shopkins…I am living in Shopkins hell.

have-courage-be-kind cinderella cinderella (2) cinderella (1) world-of-reading-cinderella-kindness-and-courage cinderella-junior-novel CINDERELLA

Ruby Olive Megan Pink Jacket and Who Am I Book

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