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DIY Bookshelf for Favourite Books


PudStar has many books in her room. Actually our entire house is filled with many books. One can never have too many books however one MUST have a system of organising ones books. Without a system for books – book chaos reigns. As I librarian I have THE perfect system happening at work – the DDC for nonfiction and alphabetical order for fiction. Bookshops do it by genre – which I also like. Home is another matter entirely. My librarian brain cannot COPE with the images I see on Pinterest of colour coded bookshelves…seriously? WHO would put ‘Clockwork Orange’ next to ‘Anne of Green Gables’ based purely on the colour of the spine?! Poor Anne. I’m sorry, don’t mean to judge…but really?

Anyway back to PudStar’s room. She has an old library trolley, some baskets and some front facing library shelving – which was her present for her first Christmas #dontjudgeme.

Library Shelving

You Can’t Buy that Kind of Excitement

This is not a new idea in the slightest, but we used the good old $2.99 IKEA spice rack to make one single shelf of favourites right up close to her pillow. PudStar painted the shelf and I created five holes in a wall, discovered that drills can go forwards and backwards and SLIP and that a spirit level is a handy tool. Then Chief Bedtime Reader came home from work, sighed loudly at me and hung it neatly on the wall in ten minutes.

‘Favourites’ bookshelf DONE.

bookshelf bookshelf bookshelf Back to the library shelving she got for her first Christmas. Seriously what child wouldn’t love their own library shelving? Look at it?! It’s WONDERFUL.


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