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I have been reading Planning With Kids for a very long time now, since I had PudStar in 2008. Nicole Avery’s incredibly successful blog and website has always been one of my favourite online reads and even though I have very little time to read the writing of others these days, I always find myself going down the online rabbit hole at Planning With Kids when it pops up in my newsfeed. Nicole is a Melbourne based mum to five  kids aged 20 to 10 and she is the queen of putting processes in place to manage the chaos of family life…her spreadsheets and meal prepping is epic and I while I am in awe of her she is also relateable, witty and just has loads of great ideas. I guest blogged for Nicole not so long ago…

Engaging and Encouraging Reluctant Readers

So what can you do as a parent or educator to engage young people with reading when it feels like an uphill battle and how do you encourage a young person to see themselves as a reader? I have three simple strategies to get you started and I would urge you to persevere because readers are not created overnight and some young people may need many years of incremental skill building and positive reinforcement in order to develop an identity as a reader.

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  1. Children's Book Publishers on Sep 5, 2019 at 9:04 pm

    An impressive and quite helpful blog, Encouraging kids towards reading can be helpful but a difficult task. You describe some interesting points to minimize the effort but I didn’t understand your point on model reading. Anyhow I appreciate the effort.

  2. Vivek vasudevan on Feb 28, 2021 at 6:20 pm

    Nice post

    cant agree more on modelling reading.We as parents ought to be role models for our kids
    we often forget this in reading. i have started doing this now and seeing change in my children

    very good post and very helpful


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