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In episode 100 of the Your Kid’s Next Read podcast:

Ask us Anything

To celebrate our 100-episode milestone, Megan and Allison invited the community to ‘Ask Us Anything’ – listen to find out what they wanted to know. Plus, Allison shares details of a new online creative writing course for kids, and Megan has some roadtrip tips.

Top 5 Episodes to Date

Episode 39: books about families

Episode 56: Holiday Reading

Epidode 36: Should I teach my kid to read – and how?

Episode 35: Audio books for kids

Episode 66: Secrets of a school librarian

Books we mention

Click on the links to buy from Booktopia or shop all of the YKNR Podcast recommendations on our dedicated Booktopia page.

Bookmail and TBR pile

‘Poppy, The Queen and The Seat’ by Vikki Marmaras. Illustrated by Caterina Metti 

‘The Sydney Harbour Fairy’ by Deborah Frenkel. Illustrated by Cate James

‘Stay for Dinner’ by Sandhya Parappukkaran. Illustrated by Michelle Pereira 

‘Neil The Boring Amazing Sea Cucumber’ by Amelia McInerney. Illustrated by Lucinda Gifford

‘Game On! Shrinkle’ by Emily Snape

Bingo Question

Episode 28: Bedtime Reading for Older Kids

Episode 63: Why Should I read? 

Episode 80: Encouraging Holiday Reading  

 Episode 57: Making Reading Fun 

 Episode 72: Collection Development for Libraries

Episode 66: Secrets Of A School Librarian

Episode 52: Creating a Home Library 

Episode 75 (Quick Tips) 

Creative Writing Books

‘Unleash Your Creative Monster: A Children’s Guide to writing’by Andy Jones. Illustrated by Olaf Falafel

‘Once Upon a Slime’ by Andy Griffiths. Illustrated by Terry Denton

‘Write Your Own Story Book’ by Louie Stowell

‘Story Writers Ideas Notebook’ by Louie Stowell

Quick tips

New online creative writing course from authors Tim Harris and Nat Amoore, ‘Writings Cool’. Self-paced, video-based content for home or school use. More information here.

Dymocks Children’s Charities Great Debate Gala 


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