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The Frida Kahlo Series: Part One

I’ve been meaning to write about Pud’s Frida flowers for so long now as so many of you comment on her flowers on Instagram. So here is Part One. Part Two here is about Pud’s favourite Frida Kahlo picture books and Part Three here is a virtual tour of her Frida Kahlo bedroom. For the next three posts…it’s all about PudStar. Frida

A lovely parent at the school where I work owns ‘Where on Earth’ and ‘School Colours’ – which sell hair accessories. This goes some way in explaining why Pud has SO MANY flowers for her hair! To say PudStar likes a flowered headband or fifty would be an understatement and from about three years old she has been carefully choosing flowers for her hair to match her outfit each day.

My art-mad mother told Pud all about Frida Kahlo and her love of flowers in her hair…and just like that, PudStar found herself a role model in life. She tells us that her other role model is the Virgin Mary so I guess she has all bases covered, though I’m not sure her role models would be best buddies.

Frida Kahlo Flowers in her Hair

PudStar very much walks to the beat of her own drum. I wrote about her earlier this year here. I was a ridiculously compliant child (seriously I WAS – ask anyone from my village!) and much of the time I look at Pud in wonder and bemusement and ponder how to parent her. I am so pleased she loves art and colour and thinks outside the square…but I do wish sometimes she would just be a little more compliant; it’s a hard road if you walk outside the square. I’m a big fan of boundaries and following rules (seriously I’m a teacher AND a librarian), but I do also hope that peer pressure and the school system don’t completely squash the colour and creativity out of PudStar and that she feels free to wear flowers in her hair for as long as she wants to!

Below are just some of the ‘flowers in my hair’ pictures from my Instagram.


Who needs a bunch of flowers in the bathroom when you can have a bunch of hair accessories.



Bollywood Frida IMG_4179 IMG_3936 IMG_3352 - Copy photo Pud12 Pud13 Pud16 Pud14 Pud11 P1170461 Pud1 Pud5 Pud6 IMG_1159 Pud8 Pud2 IMG_4476 Frida Flowers on Library Trolley Pud15 ballet



Above photo: For plain clothes day recently the theme was maroon or blue (State of Origin!). PudStar couldn’t have cared less about this and whilst I did manage to wrangle a maroon scarf around her, she happily walked in the school gates with her Frida shirt, Frida Flowers, long socks and cowboy boots on – despite the stares of her peers who were totally confused by the outfit!

As stated earlier, this is not a sponsored post but thank you anyway to the lovely people at ‘Where on Earth’ for most of these gorgeous flowers!

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  1. Karen on Aug 9, 2014 at 1:20 pm

    Just gorgeous! So much character and personality here – I love it! Frida is my favourite artist and I am very much looking forward to introducing her to my little sweetpea – although I’m not sure how she will go with flowers in her hair!

    • Megan Daley on Aug 11, 2014 at 9:16 am

      Thanks so much Karen! My second child…’The Wild Thing’ wouldn’t put a flower in her hair if I paid her! Or offered her a bag of lollies. There ain’t no flowers in that ones hair!

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