Happy 50th Birthday ‘Where the Wild Things Are’


Happy 50th ‘Where the Wild Things Are’

Every adult book lover will have fond childhood memories of being read ‘Where the Wild Things Are’, and many of us still enjoy it (even more so) in adulthood. ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ is now 50…what an achievement. It has indeed entered the realm of a classic.

Happy 50th Birthday Wild Thing

To celebrate its 50th birthday Pud and I baked some chocolate cupcakes and used Wild Thing toppers from an Etsy Store called ‘Top That! Design’ – Jennifer’s service was insanely fast! These cupcakes are destined for my students at school, and some fake ones will adorn my ‘50th birthday’ library display. My teacher librarian mother currently has a fabulous Wild Things display in her school library at Westside Christian College, which of course I am going to ‘borrow’ when they are done with it! Images are below – thank you to Roz.

Our own Wild Thing has recently had a ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ party which you can see here.

Book versions of ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ can be purchased here.

The movie and animation adaptations can be purchased here or by clicking on the images below.



Where the Wild Things Follow Up Ideas

* The was a recent Radio National interview with Alison Lester, Luka Lesson and Jenny Niven talking about ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. Link is here. Melbourne’s Wheeler Center has been celebrating the 50th anniversary by inviting 11 Australian writers, including  Alison Lester, David Marr, Hannie Rayson, Robyn Davidson and singer/songwriter Clare Bowditch, to come up with a new five-minute work inspired by Sendak’s classic book.

* A really great You Tube animation of the story is below. I love reading a print book and then following it up with a You Tube animation or reading. It is wonderful to experience story in a range of formats.

* ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ has also been made into a great film, though more suited to adults than children. I did not realise that Disney originally owned the rights to ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. They didn’t use them and consequently lost them, but below is a You Tube clip which includes a 1983 animation test of ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. I really like the animation clip, but I can’t help but think that Disney may not have been right for this quite ‘dark’ text. Not everything for children  need be cute.

* In the You Tube clip below by the Rosenbach Museum and Library ,  author Maurice Sendak  talks about his work, childhood and inspirations. The Rosenbach is the sole repository of the original artwork of famed author and illustrator Maurice Sendak and a foremost authority on all things Sendak.

* Fairy Dust Teaching has some lovely ideas for artistic follow up ideas here.

* I can’t tell you how much I love these outdoor activities, and the miniature Wild Things world…Pud is a grand fan of anything in miniature! Check it the great ideas here.

* From the same blog…Wild Thing shadow puppets, which will be p.p.p.perfect for my puppet theater at school.

* PudStar is a BIG fan of watercolours so we’ll be doing some Wild Thing monsters over the holidays I think! Great ideas here.

* The New York Zoo and Aquarium site has a fabulous section where you can build your own ‘wild self’ and share it with friends or use it as an avatar. Have a go here.

And thank you again to Roz, here are some images of the display at my mothers library display at Westside Christian College.

'Where the Wild Things Are is 50'. Max's bedroom, boat, and Wild Things
‘Where the Wild Things Are is 50’. Max’s bedroom, boat, and Wild Things
Max's bed and 'Happy 50th' felt birthday cake
Max’s bed and ‘Happy 50th’ felt birthday cake
Felt, fur and plasticine Wild Thing and Max
Felt, fur and plasticine Wild Thing and Max

Happy 50th Birthday Wild Thing

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