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Have Betty White Read the Books Tonight

Oh I found a good site today! The Screen Actors Guild Foundation has produced some stunning children’s book story readings (screened on YouTube) using SAG members such as Al Gore, Annette Bening, Elijah Wood, Jason Alexander and Betty White. If your school blocks YouTube can watch through schooltube.  ‘Storyline Online’ is a great resource.

Some of my all-time favorite books are featured on StoryLine Online, such as ‘Stellaluna’, ‘Harry the Dirty Dog’ and ‘Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge’.

Whilst there are plenty of story readings to be found on YouTube, these ones are beautifully produced and the fantastic range of well-known actors is also a plus.

These could be used in a number of ways:

    • Read the print book, watch the online reading – print versus non print story contrast
    • As a classroom literacy groups rotation activity
    • Absolutely cannot find time to read a story tonight? Have an actor read your child one.
    • These are a great model of fluent and expressive story reading, discuss how the actors have used voice and expression to make their story reading interesting.
    • There are great printable downloads on each story reading with a bio of the actor, and activities related to the book.



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