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It would be fair to say that I love a good book themed gift or twenty. My latest fav is these book jewellery boxes from Oh My Giddy Aunt (seen above). This post is not sponsored in any way but I am a long time customer and lover of Nikki’s gorgeous gifts. Nikki also now offers Children’s Books Daily customers a free sterling silver charm with each and every order with the code CBD.

Oh My Giddy Aunt is the master of keepsake jewellery which tells the stories of people, places or times so where better to keep your jewellery stories than in a book? Bound in heritage green with gold-edged ‘pages’, this storybook looks at home on a bookshelf. Open it to reveal a fully lined and most organised jewellery box with little compartments, hooks and pouches for rings, earrings, bangles, necklaces and more. Just the thing to keep jewellery organised and secretly hidden away on a bookshelf with other stories and tales.

For something extra special, books can be personalised with a printed gold name or title on the front…clearly I had to go with this option, I’m a total sucker for names on things #librarianmuch.

ChickPea and PudStar have tooth fairy bracelets from Oh My Giddy Aunt and a number of necklaces and story charms so it’s fair to say that both their book boxes are full – latest addition is signet studs because I still have my signet ring from my childhood but earrings seemed a safer bet to me for my children…in terms of not losing them!

You can purchase your own jewellery box or one for a gift here and don’t forget to enter CBD as the code because then you’re off and on your way with something inside it! Please also take a moment to admire my Monstera adansonii plant which I am nursing like a newborn. 

Enter code CBD for a free sterling silver charm with every order.Booktopia

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  1. Writing Sparkle on Aug 28, 2018 at 10:42 pm

    Those little jewelry boxes are very neat. I have one of the books that you open and it is just an open space inside, but the jewelry box with its compartments has some different benefits. Either way, they make a fun and mysterious item for the book shelf (especially for the kids). Great post, thanks for sharing.

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