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There has been some amazing YA books published this year and some of them are on this list – almost all are new titles so you can rest assured that they probably have not read them yet. It is so very hard to choose the perfect gift for a teen, and while a book may not seem the obvious choice, I think it sends a clear message about the value you place on books and reading and, when chosen with care, it also lets the receiver know that you’ve carefully thought about the right book for them.

Teens are busy balancing social lives, academic pursuits, sports and other extracurricular activities and social media/gaming/the online world in general. I firmly believe that it’s all about balance, and we need to make books and time for reading part of the equation. Reading is a time of quiet and there is no multi-tasking to be done when reading…there is also the chance that your teen will fall deeply into a story and spend some time inside the world of a book.

Click on ‘buy from Booktopia’ when shopping online in Australia to #supportaustralian. Amazon and Book Depository options for overseas purchases and Apple for e-versions. Purchase in store from your local independent bookstore where possible #supportlocal.

‘After the Lights Go Out’

by Lili Wilkinson

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‘Take the Shot’

by Susan White

‘The Mortal Instruments’ (box set)

by Cassandra Clare

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by Will Kostakis. Full review here.

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‘It Sounded Better in My Head’

by Nina Kenwood

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‘The Surprising Power of a Good Dumpling’

by Wai Chim. Full review here.

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‘Aurora Rising’

by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

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‘The Things that Will Not Stand’

by Michael Gerad Bauer

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‘The Boy Who Steals Houses’

by C.G Drews

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‘Perfectly Preventable Deaths’

by Deirdre Sullivan

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‘Catching Teller Crow’

by Ambelin Kwaymullina & Ezekiel Kwaymullina

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‘This is How We Change the Ending’

by Vikki Wakefield

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‘Changing Gear’

by Scott Gardner

Merrick Hilton’s done a runner. His folks think he’s studying, but the real world has been calling for years and he can’t ignore it any longer. A postie bike, a bedroll and a big sky – that’s all he needs. But there’s no telling how he’ll handle roadkill, stolen oranges and unexpected romance, let alone the rough stuff. And in the real world nothing goes entirely as planned. Thankfully Victor – the old bloke Merrick meets on the road – knows a thing or two about broken bike chains. And broken hearts

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‘The Eyes of Tamburah’

by Maria V Synder

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by Tom Pollock

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‘The Toll’

by Neal Shusterman

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by Lynette Noni

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‘When We Were Lost’

by Kevin Wignall

‘The End and Other Beginnings’

by Veronica Roth

From the best-selling author of ‘Divergent’ and ‘Carve the Mark’ comes a stunning collection of futuristic short stories. Illustrated throughout with striking black-and-white illustrations. Within this masterful collection, NO WORLD IS LIKE THE OTHER. Full of friendship and revenge, each story and setting is more strange and wonderful than the last, brimming with new technologies and beings. And yet, in these futuristic lands, the people must still confront deeply human emotions and dilemmas. Veronica Roth reaches into the unknown and immerses readers into six short stories that feel startlingly familiar and profoundly beautiful.

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‘The Boxer’

by Nikesh Shukla

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‘Clancy of the Overflow’

by Jackie French

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‘All That I Can Fix’

by Crystal Chan

A teen boy’s world gets turned upside-down when a zoo of exotic animals takes over his small town in this wickedly funny, heartbreakingly honest novel that’s perfect for fans of David Arnold. In Makersville, Indiana, people know all about Ronney he’s from that mixed-race family with the dad who tried to kill himself, the pill-popping mom, and the genius kid sister. If having a family like that wasn’t bad enough, the local eccentric at the edge of town decided one night to open up all the cages of his exotic zoo lions, cheetahs, tigers and then shoot himself dead. Go figure. Even more proof that you can’t trust adults to do the right thing. Overnight, news crews, gun control supporters, and gun rights advocates descend on Makersville, bringing around-the-clock news coverage, rallies, and anti-rallies with them. With his parents checked out, Ronney is left tending to his sister’s mounting fears of roaming lions, stopping his best friend from going on a suburban safari, and shaking loose a lonely boy who follows Ronney wherever he goes. Can Ronney figure out a way to hold it together as all his worlds fall apart?

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‘The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Angel’ – Tenth Anniversary Edition’

by Cassandra Clare

‘Arc of a Scythe’ (boxed set)

by Neal Shusterman

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‘Rules for Vanishing’

by Kate Alice Marshall

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Angie Thomas Collector’s Boxed Set

by Angie Thomas

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‘Chaos Walking’ (boxed set)

by Patrick Ness

‘I Am Change’

by Suzy Zail

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