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Raina Telgemeier has taken the kidlit world by storm and in my library her books actually never make it back to the shelves – EVER. They go from returns chute to next person on the reserves list or a gaggle of girls hang around waiting for Miss Olive to return the latest Telgemeier and grab it before it even hits the circ desk.

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The Telgemeier graphic novels have completely blitzed all other usual ‘perennial favourites’ and there is no slow down in their popularity in sight. Fortunately, they are stories which are full of heart, incredibly well written and the illustrations are just perfect; young people (and  adults) the world over are devouring them.

Her work turning the Ann M. Martin Babysitters Club series into graphic novels has endeared her to parents who grew up on a solid diet of the original Babysitters Club, and though I heard many a mumble and grumble about ‘they would never be as good’ from friends and colleagues…they were proven wrong and, in fact, most would say the new versions are even better. You can get #1-7 as a set here.

Her latest graphic novel, ‘Guts’, is a quite remarkable story which PudStar (11) devoured in one sitting, went back and read a second time and then declared one of her fav books of the year.

I love that Telgemeier lets her readers know that her stories she writes are often about herself as a young person, as in the case of ‘Guts’. They deal with some tough subject matter at times and it’s great for young readers to know the stories are true and their author hero managed to find her way through and build her resilience. There is an authenticity to her books which kids pick up on and appreciate.

And so to the journals by Telegemeier. ‘Share Your Smile’ which shares ‘the story behind the stories’ and shows fans how to journal, draw and share their own life stories. In this book she outlines tips and tricks for getting your story down on paper and some inspirational kick-starters. There are sneak peeks behind the scenes of her graphic novels and even personal photos from her childhood.

It’s an absolute guide to everything you wanted to know about Raina Telegemeier and how you can get started sharing your own story. Perfect for readers (and writers and artists) from 9+ who have read her graphic novels.

‘My Smile Diary’ is a prompted diary with a Smile charm. This is less text heavy than ‘Share Your Smile’ and is best suited from 10+. It is a lightly prompted and illustrated journal; a place  to record thoughts and feelings, designed with Raina’s art and dotted with her prompts.

The Entire Raina Telgemeier Collection

Raina’s Mini Posters


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‘Sisters’ & ‘Smile’ Box Set


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‘Sisters’, ‘Smile’ & ‘Guts Box Set


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  1. Carla Riles on May 11, 2020 at 9:38 am

    Thank you for this post Megan! Borrowing time for our middle/upper year primary students is one of my favourite times of the week, however, our reluctant readers or less confident readers find this time frustrating. We have ‘black dot’ books – the easy to read chapter books with big text and simple stories but for a Year 4-6 student, these are seen as babyish. I really love that Raina has turned the long-time favourite of Baby Sitters Club into graphic novels – I really feel like these could be a winner for our girls! Will be placing these on order! And Guts, Sisters and Smile will be going on our Wish List.

    • Megan Daley on May 11, 2020 at 9:53 am

      Oh yes these will be the PERFECT addition to the library as a choice for middle/upper years primary students who are not confident readers! SO popular!

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