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If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you will know that I love a local online jewellery store by the name of Oh My Giddy Aunt – this is not a sponsored post just a personal recommendation.

I have all manner of bling from Oh My Giddy Aunt but what I love most about each piece is the personal story behind them, which is what own Nikki is passionate about. I still have the harmony ball Dan purchased me from them when I was pregnant with my now nearly 11 year old daughter. Then there is the glass locket I wear with a teeny tiny piece of artwork inside by author/illustrator Narelle Oliver. I also have a necklace on which hangs a gumleaf, a horseshoe and a bike – to represent my brother, my aunt and my husband who have passed away. One of my most treasured pieces is the ring on which is inscribed ‘there shall be wings’. Dan purchased this ring for me many years ago and at some stage it went missing. A few months after Dan passed away, an identical ring turned up in the mail, with the extra inscription on the inner side of the ring, ‘nothing is ever truly lost’…I still get teary when I think about the afternoon I opened this at the letterbox. Nikki, owner of Oh My Giddy Aunt, had heard I had lost this ring and sent me a new one with the inscription to end all inscriptions…her kindness is immense and I very rarely take this ring off.

I have bee stacking rings, a silver rimmed Possum Magic coin, a set of rings I now wear in place of my wedding rings…and the list goes on. 

The girls also have some really treasured pieces, including their charm bracelets which we started very early on in their lives. It’s so lovely that each charm represents something meaningful to them and when they are wearing their bracelets I often catch them going through each charm – the charm of the top hat from when Dan did the dads dance at PudStar’s ballet concert is particularly poignant.

I love Nikki’s words about charm bracelets here:

Book fanciers know the beauty of a written story, but there are other charming ways to tell the stories that are all around us. Charms are little jewellery ‘symbols’ added to other jewellery pieces to create keepsakes representing people, places or events.

Traditionally, charms are added to bracelets or necklaces to mark life’s milestones and special occasions.  The story that builds as years go by is personal and meaningful.  It is a story that is a treasured record of precious memories.  It is also a story that will fascinate future generations as each charm’s tale is told and retold.

While the value of these stories in sterling silver or solid gold builds with each additional charm, the sentimental value becomes priceless!

Charm Stories are usually ‘written’ over time, charm after charm, birthday after birthday, but sometimes a story can be told all at once. A charm bracelet can tell the story of an overseas holiday, an academic or sporting achievement, a group of friends, a new adventure or other chapters in life.

Not sponsored, but the lovely Nikki now gives Children’s Books Daily readers a free silver charm with any purchase. Enter code CBD on any Oh My Giddy Aunt purchase.

To see the range of Traditional Charms click here. 

To see the Ready Made Story Charms see here.

To see the Charm Bookmarks see here.

Does your jewellery tell the story of who you are? Did you have a charm bracelet as a child?


Enter code CBD on any Oh My Giddy Aunt purchase to receive a free silver charm.

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