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I’ve spoken a fair bit on here about a local online store I adore, Oh My Giddy Aunt – none of the talk sponsored, I’m just a long time customer. Over the years I’ve had many a gift purchased for me through them – starting 10 years ago with a harmony bell that Dan was hopeful would keep calm and serene during pregnancy. It didn’t, because there is nothing serene about me, but I still wear it all the time and love the fairy tinkle it makes. The family dentist (Aunty Amy, see here) started a beautiful tooth fairy charm bracelet for PudStar when she lost her first tooth and I’ve purchased many a Christening present from them and a number of charm bracelets and personalized necklaces. Below is a picture of ChickPea on the day she received her Oh My Giddy Aunt dinosaur necklace – she could not stop staring at it and stroking it.  DSC05513

I have asked her to write a little about her ‘story charm’ bracelets as these to me just are the most perfect gift for anyone who loves words, imagination and story. Thank you Nikki! logo

Book fanciers know the beauty of a written story, but there are other charming ways to tell the stories that are all around us. Charms are little jewellery ‘symbols’ added to other jewellery pieces to create keepsakes representing people, places or events. charm 5

Traditionally, charms are added to bracelets or necklaces to mark life’s milestones and special occasions.  The story that builds as years go by is personal and meaningful.  It is a story that is a treasured record of precious memories.  It is also a story that will fascinate future generations as each charm’s tale is told and retold.

While the value of these stories in sterling silver or solid gold builds with each additional charm, the sentimental value becomes priceless!

Charm Stories are usually ‘written’ over time, charm after charm, birthday after birthday, but sometimes a story can be told all at once. A charm bracelet can tell the story of an overseas holiday, an academic or sporting achievement, a group of friends, a new adventure or other chapters in life. charm 2 Charm bracelets can also tell the kind of stories you find in actual books!  Book Lovers keen to pass on the joy of their favourite book can recreate the story with charms representing characters and events.  Story Charms of Alice, Cinderella and the Tooth Fairy have already been created but you can find a charm to represent just about any story you can think of. Contact your Giddy Aunts if you need a hand,  they love a challenge!

Books make great presents – but add the magic of a little charm to represent a character or event in that book and you will have a fabulous library and a bracelet full of stories that have been well-loved over the years.

Non-jewellery wearers can still experience the delight of a story charm – add it to a bookmark that will really live in the story! charm 6

Oh My Giddy Aunt has been helping tell sterling silver and solid gold Charm Stories online since 2003.  The Australian jewellers who make the charms have been doing so for half a century and there is a ‘nearly’ bottomless drawer full of charms to represent all sorts of people, places, events… characters and chapters.  And if they don’t have the one you want they can probably make it for you!

Enter code CBD on any Oh My Giddy Aunt purchase to receive a free silver charm.

To see the range of Traditional Charms click here. 

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To see Starter Charm bracelets see here or to learn more about the different sorts of charms and how they are attached see here. charm 3

Enter code CBD on any Oh My Giddy Aunt purchase to receive a free silver charm.

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