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Good educators can set the path for your child’s future; they inspire, empower and guide our children alongside parents and they deserve an utterly genuine ‘THANK YOU’ for what they do. This thanks does not need to be expensive, it just needs to be heartfelt. Teaching is exhausting and rewarding in equal measure and by the end of the school year most teachers barely crawl to the finish line, then they promptly get sick, recover and then spend much of their holidays planning for the following year.

I have been incredibly fortunate to have some wonderful classroom teachers for the girls. Mrs Horgan was a particular standout for PudStar, who I know is a tricky little person to teach. In both Prep and Year One, she embraced Pud’s quirks and would joke with her (like throwing the word ‘Thermomix’ into her spelling test) while also managing to calmly and kindly reign her in just a little. PudStar is lovely and ‘all that’, but by glory she is strong willed and there was more than one trip to the school office in her first two years of school. Perhaps this is why Mrs Horgan at one point suggested (tongue in cheek I think!) that Frida Kahlo was probably not the best role model for Pud. If you haven’t been reading my blog for long, Pud had a Frida thing happening for *quite some time* (see here). Also? Mrs Horgan and Dan were great mates – Dan adored her actually. One of the gifts we gave her was the print below from Hark Home, with all the words Pud used to describe Mrs Horgan.

Do you have a gorgeous teacher you want to thank this year?

Christmas Gifts for Teachers/Educators

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Educators may be your child’s classroom teacher, their beloved teachers aid, the school receptionist (always the school receptionist!) or kindergarten or childcare carers. They may also be loved music teachers or sporting coaches and I’ve tried to include a range of gifts to cover all forms of educators.

‘Melancholy and Bright’ is a gorgeous hardcover book with a textured fabric cover, in which Kylie Johnson, of Paperboat Press fame, has curated a collection of quotes featured over the past decade in her ceramic and paper work. Spanning everything from love to loss, to family and friendship and the whimsy of life, the quotes offer inspiration or solace, moving from the melancholy to the bright. ‘Melancholy and Bright’ is the perfect gift for anyone inspired by words of wisdom and truth.

wisdom begins in wonder
Melancholy and Bright if you have two loaves of bread
sell one and buy a hyacinth
Persian Saying

Some of the nicest decorations I own are ones that have been given to me over the years by students I have taught, including a 17 year old pewter star which I was given when I taught Year Two. Some of my favourites for this year are from Biome, especially these Australian birds, which can hang long past the Christmas season, year round I reckon!


Keep Cups are always wonderful for teachers as, for most of us, caffeine is a high priority.  While I am not a fan of buying a $2 mug for teachers, I am a fan of buying them a KeepCup to keep their coffee warm, because find me a teacher that can ever sit down for an entire cup of life-giving caffeine.

If tea is more the educators drink of choice, T2 is the bomb. This year’s advent calendar is delicious-looking and PudStar is hoping for one herself. I actually love being gifted T2 teas – they just feel so darned special! One year a parent gave me an ice tea jug from T2 and these days Pud has claimed it as her own but I do so love that jug.

Skipping back to Biome, they have a great range of fair trade and sustainable gifts including gorgeous soaps, beeswax wraps and essential oils and I love, love, love their ‘seed cards’ each year.  A Christmas card and gift of Cosmos, Dill and Zinnia seeds for a beautiful summer bouquet. This eco-friendly gift features artwork by Australian artist Daniella Germain and includes a recycled kraft envelope, a plant label and sowing instructions.

Like the coffee cup, the water bottle is an essential. Biome has a great range and if you want a personalised one, look no further than (local to me) and online store Name My Stuff. My ‘Megan’ water bottle from Name My Stuff is bent out of shape, does not stand up anymore and really nearly on it’s last legs because I have never lost it because it is named! I lose everything. The staff at Name My Stuff are THE ACTUAL BEST and will get something labelled for you asap.

Earrings and bangles from Ruby Olive will make any jewellery-loving teacher smile – there’s a colour, shape and pattern for everyone. They even have this sweet Teacher Gift range with a ‘Thanks for helping me reach the stars’ gift tag and card beautifully presented in an organza bag. 

I was honoured earlier this year to be asked to be a customer model for Ruby Olive and as a long devotee of their resin art I was only too happy to oblige despite my loathing of photographs! The star earrings above I am wearing today and I think these are the fav of my students at school and one of my Year Six students who was trying to wangle an extra book loan said, ‘but you’re such a star of a teacher – the earrings prove it!’ (she didn’t get the extra loan!). 

And for the more generic ‘looks pretty, smells good’ gift, you can’t go past the Protea Scented Range from Pillow Talk (the ‘Botanica’ drawer liners currently adorn ChickPea’s walls as  framed prints – side benefit, her room smells divine!) or the Habitat Herb Pots which could also be used as rather stylish pencil pots – also a current feature of ChickPea’s room!

Book Geek also have some great teacher gifts that are both quirky AND affordable. Their range of notebooks cover all manner of teacher – from maths and science to grammar nerds and caffeine addicts. There’s a similar range of pencils which are sure to give teachers a good laugh along with the Collective Animal Nouns tea towel (a ‘bloat’ of Hippopotamuses? Really?!). And of course I can’t go past the Library Card Tote for obvious reasons. Use the code CBD for free shipping. 

Oh My Giddy Aunt has a gorgeous range of bookish products which I’ve regularly purchased for teacher or friend gifts (just search ‘book’) as well as this whistle for the Coach or PE teacher in your life…and if you use the code CBD, the chief Giddy Aunt will send you a sterling silver charm – winning!

And finally, of course, there are always books! If the girls have a foodie teacher I always go with a cookbook, ‘Simple’ from this list is my current favourite or Booktopia book voucher if I think they may like to pick their own. 

Go forth and ‘add to cart’!

Enter code CBD on any Oh My Giddy Aunt purchase to receive a free silver charm. The Body Shop

Ruby Olive Megan Pink Jacket and Who Am I Book

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