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Over the year that was 2022, we have featured MANY a book on the Your Kids Next Read podcast. So the obvious end of year activity was getting the Teen-Elf (aka Pudstar) to collate all those books, via age groups, so you have THE best shopping lists to purchase all the books for Christmas and the holidays!

Also remember to check out your local independent bookstores – in Brisbane our favs are Scrumptious Reads, Avid Reader, Where the Wild Things Are, Riverbend Books, Bright and Early Books, Books @ Stones, Wildflowers and Reading Hours, Little Gnome Bookshop and Quick Brown Fox.

Links to purchase are all sorted for you. Click on the link or image and head to Booktopia for some cart filled fun.

A note on the purchase links via Booktopia – these links are affiliate links, which result in a small commission at no cost to the buyer. Buying books through Booktopia supports the work of Children’s Books Daily. Booktopia has a commitment to supporting Australian authors and publishers, and are an Australian operation.


Non-fiction books form a part of a balanced reading diet and are incredibly useful in exposing children to a wide range of genres and text types. I’ve met many children over my years as a teacher librarian who love nothing more than reading every non-fiction book in the library. They crack me up with their topic obsessions and their encyclopaedic knowledge of sharks, desserts, the body or whatever their current love is and I greatly enjoy having a natter to them in the library. If you have a reader who is a little resistant to non-fiction books I often start with cooking or craft books as these are ones which have a purpose and an outcome which is a little like a reward – a delicious meal or a cute sock toy. Or I’ll suggest some gardening and then use non-fiction books to find out the information we need. More on encouraging non-fiction reading here.

Advance Australia Fair

Wild Things

A Guide to Creatures in Your Neighbourhood

Word of the Day

Bushcraft Kid

Hope on the Horizon


Atlas of Dogs

The Incredible Human Body

Wild Life

Return to Factopia!

This is Australia

The Big Book for Curious Kids

Flight Magazine

Bedtime Story

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More books featured on Your Kids Next Read podcast:






Ruby Olive Megan Pink Jacket and Who Am I Book

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