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It’s getting to the time of year when I start to reflect a little on this blog and what content has connected with you as readers. I very rarely look at my Google analytics, mainly as I’m never sure what it all means, but when I do look at what has been popular I’m always surprised!

It heartens me this month that my post on sustainability is in the number one spot and amuses me slightly that ‘doing the tween years right’ is in here because after the week the tween and I have had, we need all the advice we can get!

I hope you enjoy the look back at what has been popular this month, some of these you may have even missed and can now take the time to catch up on.



100 of the Best Books for Children on Sustainability



Students need School Libraries


Grief, Widowhood and Books


Doing the Tween Years Right


Top Twenty Horse Books for Children


Top Twenty Magazines for Kids


On ‘Monsters’ by Anna Fienberg


Readers’ Cup


Young Reader and Reviews


Bedrooms and Books at Seven



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