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Walnut Babies

A while ago now we made gumnut babies with the cousins. It was a huge success and all the cousins still cherish their gumnut babies.

We come back to Snugglepot and Cuddlepie fairly regularly and PudStar now often imagines small people inside the strangest things…the macadamia nuts in our backyard being the current favourite.

Walnut Baby

We have also been reading ‘The Little Nut Tree’ by Sally Gardner, based on the rhyme of the same name.

Recently I went to Tasmania with some of my dearest friends to visit Ang who has built an amazing house near Peppermint Bay. The enormous bowl of hand picked walnuts on Ang’s kitchen bench (polished concrete bench in my dream kitchen…sigh) kept me entertained and I took home many many half walnut shells as a reminder, and because I knew they were perfect for walnut babies.

Walnut babies are a traditional German/Austrian craft activity, but I think that sunny Queensland is also a perfect place to make them.  walnuts

Walnut Babies

You Will Need:

The basic steps to make your walnut babies are as follows:

A few days later I found my earrings being used as a cup and saucer for one of PudStar’s babies…

Walnuts and crockery

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