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A Facebook community made up of parents, teachers, authors, librarians, booksellers, bloggers, publishers and other interested parties, all ready to help you find just the right book for the young reader in your life.

The YKNR Facebook group is moderated & hosted by

Megan Daley

Megan is a teacher-librarian, director of Children's Books Daily and the author of ‘Raising Readers: how to nurture a child’s love of books’. Find out more and buy here. She is also the mother of four children - known here as ChickPea, PudStar, The Small Bee and The Smallest Bee.

Allison Tait

Allison is the author of three epic adventure series for kids: The Mapmaker Chronicles series (10+) and The Ateban Cipher series and her latest,  The Maven and Reeve series - ‘The Fire Star’ and ‘The Wolf’s Howl’. She is also mum to two teen boys. You can find out more about her at

Allison Rushby

Allison is the author of many books for young people including The Turnkey, The Seven Keys, The Mulberry Tree, and When This Bell Rings. She is a mother of two teens. Visit her at



The Facebook community that spawned a podcast now has merch!

We've got Your Kid's Next Read t-shirts for adults (seen below - we missed our calling as models) and kids, as well as a tote that is librarian-blessed for use as a school book bag! See all products and buy here.

Team YKNR is super-excited to be partnering with the fabulous Tilly & Wilbur – who offer quality, sustainably produced garments sourced from other Australian businesses with a strong ethical vision.

We'll donate 10 per cent of profits towards the Indigenous Literacy Foundation and put the rest put towards running costs for the podcast and the community.

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Book lists

The Your Kid’s Next Read community is a great source of recommendations for books
for children of all ages, from 0-18.

These are some of our most popular book lists.

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