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Are you looking for the ‘next book’ for

a child, tween or teen?

Are you desperate to find the right book to set a reluctant reader on the path to lifelong book love?

Have you got a voracious reader at your place and you’re finding it hard to them supplied with suitable books?

A community made up of parents, teachers, authors, librarians, booksellers, bloggers, publishers and other interested parties, all ready to help you find just the right book for the young reader in your life.

YKNR is moderated & hosted by

Megan Daley, Allison Tait & Allison Rushby

Megan Daley

Megan is a teacher-librarian and mother of two girls, currently aged 7 and 10. She blogs at childrensbooksdaily.com and is the author of ‘Raising Readers: How to nurture a child’s love of books’, published by UQP. Find out more and buy it here.

Allison Tait

Allison is the author of two epic adventure series for kids: The Mapmaker Chronicles series (10+) and The Ateban Cipher series. Her new novel The Fire Star (A Maven & Reeve Mystery) is out in September 2020. She is also mum to two boys, currently aged 13 and 16. You can find out more about her at allisontait.com

Allison Rushby

Allison is the author of many books for children including The Turnkey, The Seven Keys and The Mulberry Tree, and a mother of two. Allison’s new novel When This Bell Rings will be published in September 2020. Visit her at allisonrushby.com

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The Your Kid’s Next Read community is a great source of recommendations for books
for children of all ages, from 0-18.

These are some of our most popular book lists.

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